She So Corporate Promotions is a Los Angeles based talent and staffing agency run by professional dancer and entertainer, Hayley Filsinger.


SSC uses their extensive network of performers locally and across the country to bring a magical energy to your event. 

Our years in entertainment have provided us with access to the industry's top dancers, actors, influencers, improvisers, jugglers, and even mermaids! In less than a year, we have staffed successful activations for iconic brands such as Urban Decay, Adidas, Google, Instagram, Perrier, Toyota and many more. 


Our brand ambassadors helped secure 30 million social media impressions for 29 Rooms LA, compared to a 2000% increase compared to other cities. Make your event POP! with the most colorful personalities in brand marketing and contact She So Corporate today! 

Quote Mark

We hired She So Corporate to staff our 29Rooms
event and were BEYOND THRILLED by the creativity,
professionalism, and positivity they brought to our event.
Their team brought so much vibrancy, going above and
beyond to give our guests a magical and positive experience.
They are so much more than a staffing agency, they are an
essential creative partner to take your event to the next level. 

Piera Gelardi

Executive Creative Director &

Co-Founder of Refinery 29

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