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Hi! We’re She So Co the masters of event staffing. Our unlikely story of transitioning from freelance entertainers to staffing events for some of the biggest brands in the world is as charming as the sparkle we bring to every job.


In the spring of 17' we were juggling our hectic freelance schedule as actor/dancer/choreographers as well as promotional models. Whether we're on or off stage, we know how to captivate an audience, it's what we’ve trained to do our whole life!


As we were working an event we took our duties as greeters at a financial conference to the next level. We understand that when you’re good at entertaining, it’s easy to use the same skills as a brand ambassador and leave every guest with a lasting impression. After the twentieth compliment from a finance professional exclaiming "I've never felt such warmth when I walk into a room. I need you at our event. Do you have your own company?" we finally figured "For the love of god yes! And it's called She So Corporate!" In that very moment the company was born that would go on to elevate the idea of event staffing to go above and beyond what event attendees expect when they walk through the door.


We use our extensive network of performers locally and across the country to bring this same magic to your event. Our years in entertainment have provided us with access to the industry's top dancers, actors, influencers, improvisers, jugglers, and even mermaids! Yes, actual mermaids. We can staff an actual live mermaid at your next party.


In less than a year, our tag team has staffed successful activations for iconic brands such as Urban Decay, Adidas, Google, Instagram, Perrier, Toyota and many more. We have staffed and worked Hollywood red carpet premieres, and events at major festivals like Coachella. Most recently, we staffed massive 9 day social media frenzy 29 Rooms by Refinery 29 with over 100 brand ambassadors and dozens of international brands represented. The co-founder of Refinery 29, Piera Gelardi, lauded the She So Corporate staff "the best team ever".  29 Rooms LA had a total social media impression of over 300 million across all platforms, and the usage of the 29 rooms LA hashtag was a 2000% increase over 29 Rooms NY, which was not staffed by She So Corporate (yet!).


Make your event POP! with the most colorful personalities in brand marketing and contact She So Corporate today!

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Twice New Charity launch


We hired She So Corporate to staff our 29Rooms event and were BEYOND THRILLED by the creativity, professionalism, and positivity they brought to our event. Their team brought so much vibrancy, going above and beyond to give our guests a magical and 

positive experience. They are so much more than a staffing agency, they are an essential creative partner to take your event to the next level. 


-Piera Gelardi

Executive Creative Director & Co-Founder of Refinery 29

They are a joy to work with and some of the top baddies of LA themselves!


-Lauren Carothers

Senior Event Producer

Atlas Capital Group, LLC

Collectively you all bring a feeling to an event that contributes greatly beyond the actual work you do. 


-Greg Chapman

Chief Executive Officer

Greg Chapman’s Executive Tailored Clothing